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Where is it better to relax in Sharjah or Fujairah?

Шарджа или Фуджейра – где и как лучше отдыхать в эмиратах

Not only Dubai is well suited for relaxing and exploring the UAE. There are alternative options, such as Sharjah or Fujairah. These emirates are very different and very different from each other. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and it is worth choosing based on the expectations of the vacation. In the article we will try to figure out what to choose for a holiday, Sharjah or Fujairah, where it is better for a sophisticated tourist and a beginner who is just getting acquainted with this Arab state.


According to many tourists, Sharjah has a more comfortable location due to its proximity to the main airports. A maximum of just half an hour and you are already at your hotel. In addition, the emirate is located quite close to Dubai, which is important for those who want to get to know it as closely as possible, visit shopping malls and attractions of one of the innovative and popular emirates of the UAE.

Nevertheless, Fujairah also has something to attract tourists. The location in close proximity to the Indian Ocean makes the resort the best place among beach lovers. The water quality here is also much better, the presence of mountains creates additional conditions for an exciting and varied holiday.



At first glance, it may seem that there should not be much difference in the weather between the two neighboring emirates, but there are. Because of the same Hajar mountains, a special microclimate was formed in Fujairah, which turned out to be favorable for many tourists. During the unbearable heat in Sharjah, the weather in the neighboring emirate is usually a few degrees lower. In winter, the situation changes and the mountains do not allow cold winds to greatly affect the weather, so the temperature here is slightly higher than in Sharjah.


Both emirates have access to the Indian Ocean. At the same time, Sharjah has calmer waters, due to the large number of breakwaters. Most hotels are also located on the coast, but here tourists often complain about water pollution. In addition, ships often sail near the coast of the Emirates, which also negatively affects the quality of water. 

Fujairah has a more turbulent sea, the waves are higher here, it is better to swim in those moments when calm comes. Tourists of the emirate complain of frequent invasions of jellyfish, which can greatly overshadow the rest, although the water here is much cleaner than that of the neighbors.

Access to the Indian Ocean


Sharjah has a large selection of places where tourists can stay. There are many hotels on the coast, there are accommodation options in the city, the infrastructure is well developed. There are no problems with the choice of cafes, restaurants, clubs for recreation. Everything is located in relative proximity to the main locations, so Sharjah can be considered a more favorable destination in this regard. The only negative that turns out to be decisive for some guests is a complete ban on alcohol. In this emirate, it is not served even in hotels.

In Fujairah, most of the hotels are located on the coast, there is practically nowhere to stay in the city. In addition, some hotels are located quite far from shops and cafes. At the same time, for lovers of a relaxing holiday, this will be an advantage on the contrary. The hotels of the emirate mostly have a spacious structure, a well-thought-out entertainment program. Alcohol is not banned here, and the buffet food in Fujairah is considered more complete. 

Excursions and attractions

It is obvious that tourists come not only to sunbathe in the sun, swim and explore the peculiarities of local cuisine. There are a lot of people among them who want to see the local sights, get acquainted with the culture and history of the country. In this case, Fujairah loses heavily to the non-alcoholic emirate, because most tourists choose it for organizing sightseeing trips. 

There are many more organizing companies working here, where you can book a vacation, therefore the competition is higher, and the prices are noticeably lower. From here, you can get to the main attractions of the UAE much faster. Sharjah has excellent shopping, which Fujairah cannot boast of, and it is easier and cheaper to get to Dubai from Sharjah. 


Sharjah or Fujairah – what to choose?

It is quite difficult to choose one of the two emirates for your vacation and choose better based on your wishes. Each of them has its advantages. In Sharjah: 

  • many different bodies;
  • prices for accommodation are low;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • many restaurants, cafes, shops;
  • the sea is cleaner.

Fujairah conquers tourists with other advantages: 

  • a relaxing holiday away from tourists;
  • mild, pleasant microclimate;
  • relatively clear sea;
  • spacious hotels with entertainment program;
  • there is no ban on the sale of alcohol in hotels. 

Having studied in detail all the pros and cons of holidays in popular destinations of the UAE, it will be much easier to understand for yourself where it is better in Sharjah or Fujairah. 

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