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What are the best areas of Dubai for buying real estate?

Какие лучшие районы Дубая для покупки недвижимости?

Dubai is especially popular among investors. Such popularity is due to the stable economic situation, practically no taxation and affordable prices. People buy housing here both for living and for renting. Consider which areas of Dubai are considered the best for buying real estate.

What should I remember when buying a Dubai home?

Dubai is considered one of the safest emirates. Therefore, any transaction will take place safely – in compliance with legal nuances. In addition, it is a guarantee that you will encounter only bona fide developers.

Every moment is controlled by the state. The United Arab Emirates, as a state, has a very high reputation, so unverified firms will not be able to obtain a license permit for construction work. Not only the buyer, but also the seller can feel safe in this country. At the same time, there are some features that you should know about if you decide to choose real estate in Dubai.


Developed infrastructure

This item will be especially relevant for those who purchase housing not only for themselves, but also for their family members. In such a situation, it is necessary that there are vital objects nearby. We are talking about:

  • educational institutions – these include schools, kindergartens;
  • medical institutions – hospitals, hospitals;
  • supermarkets;
  • playgrounds, sports grounds;
  • restaurants, cafes.

The cost of housing

Another unique feature of the emirate is the ability to pick up an object of any size for any set price. In areas that are more popular, for example, Palm Jumeirah, real estate prices will be several times higher. In less prestigious ones, you can buy the same apartments, but for a more attractive price tag. This will not affect the area in any way, because in Dubai you will not meet dangerous and unfavorable places – order is monitored in every corner of the city.

Property type

When choosing an object, first decide what you plan to buy it for: live or rent it out. In any case, the investments will be profitable, and you will not be in the red.

With the first option, cottage areas will be the best choice. They are ideal for families with children, as well as free from tourists.

Fashionable areas are suitable for rent. There are a lot of tourists in such places, the atmosphere is quite noisy. A great advantage lies in the presence of many entertainment venues where you can have a great rest. But tourists often come for adventures and fun.

Overview of districts

The real estate market in this emirate is developing quite rapidly, as is the city itself. Not only are individual buildings and houses being erected here, but entire districts are being built up.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina

The place is focused mostly on beach holidays and a prestigious lifestyle.

The area is located above an artificial harbor with yacht berths for 3.5 km and has a total area of more than 4.8 km. It began to be created in 2003. Now more than 200 prestigious residential towers, hotels, offices, shops are concentrated on the territory.

There is also a developed transport system:

  • tracks used by trams;
  • bus stops;
  • 2 metro stations.

Tourists are of great interest, since the territory is located along the sea coast. The beaches are monitored here, so they are always well-groomed and clean, regardless of what type they belong to: public, private.

You can buy elite studios, 1,2,3,4-room apartments, penthouses. The Marina Gate residential complex is considered to be the top project. It includes a skyscraper and a collection of villas, as well as beach residences and DAMAC apartments.

The cost is from 470,000 AED for a one–room apartment, from 1,650,000 AED for a villa.

Business Bay

Business Bay

One of the main financial centers of Middle Eastern countries. Most of the territory is allocated for offices and retail premises.

This area is in particular demand among novice professionals. About 18,000 companies are registered here.

There are almost no parks and playgrounds for children on the territory. But there is a private metro station. You can also get to and from the area by bus.

Less often, but still young families come to Business Bay. They like this area more in comparison with Downtown because of the presence of kindergartens and elementary schools. But there are no high school schools here – they are located nearby, in neighboring districts.

The average price is 2 9173 AED per sq.ft.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah

The area of a large project is 5.72 square kilometers. It is designed in the form of a palm tree with 16 branches, in a circle of which there are coastal houses, private villas with a capacity of more than 60 thousand inhabitants. The “trunk” consists of apartment buildings, shops, hotels, a yacht marina. The territory of the island is built up with hotel complexes, skyscrapers, shopping centers, and a park.

This place can be easily reached, as there is a developed transport network.

2 complexes where you can buy housing are relevant for the district:

  1. Multifunctional. The starting price is 2 250 000 AED.
  2. Elite. The starting price is 7 200 000 AED.

They feature many objects – from apartments to plots of land.

MBR City

MBR City

MBR is considered a large-scale project that is under construction. It bears the name of the Dubai ruler. The area of the territory is 108 square kilometers. In the near future, the city of Meidan will be localized on one–fourth of the entire area, and a racing club will be located near it.

MBR has 264 thousand residential facilities. The existing highway connects the district and 2 nearby airports.

The developers of the elite complex are:

  1. Sobha.
  2. Emaar.
  3. Azizi Developments.
  4. Meraas Holding.

Now the return on investment in real estate in this area is about 4.6% per annum.The minimum price of housing is 715,000 AED. A more popular object under construction in MBR is District One. He put up for sale luxury villas with the number of bedrooms from 3 to 7, and apartments – from 1 to 3 bedrooms.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai

The area is in high demand for real estate among investors and buyers who appreciate a comfortable life. Downtown Dubai has residential and commercial premises. A skyscraper with 133 residences and 77 floors is considered an outstanding structure. Among them there are penthouses for 4-7 rooms. If the buyer has a high income, he can buy the entire floor up to 500 km2.

Now there are about 30,000 real estate units for sale. The rental income of real estate in this area is about 5.4% per annum. The minimum receipt is 600,000 AED.

Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills

The district managed to surprisingly combine a megapolis and a green oasis – due to greenery, developed infrastructure, comfort for family life and relaxation from city noise is created.

Office space and luxury villas get along well here.

The place is suitable for entrepreneurs, careerists who need quick access to business districts and, at the same time, peace and quiet.

There are:

  • parks;
  • playgrounds;
  • shopping center;
  • supermarkets;
  • schools;
  • hospital and other amenities.

In addition to the above, the area offers a large selection of real estate. When its construction is fully completed, there will be about 4,600 villas and 22,000 apartments. The first are created for monetary investments, the second – for a wonderful life of people with an average budget. Despite the construction stage, many construction sites are concentrated away from populated areas, so they do not bother residents.

Now you can buy an apartment for 16,000,000 AED. In addition to housing, the price includes a personal golf course.

Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills

The Emirates Hills residential community will be ideal for living with a family.

It is localized away from the bustling city. An outsider or a tourist cannot wander into the territory. Life here is measured and calm.

Emirates Hills belongs to mixed–type areas – both apartments and villas are available for purchase.

There are no tall buildings on the territory – a maximum of 2 floors. There are also no apartment buildings here. But there are 600 premium villas that are perfectly equipped and combined with gardens, golf courses, private landscapes.

Every public place of this complex is well-maintained and well-groomed.

From this location, you can get directly to the main transport highway of the emirate – the Sheikh Zayed Road. It takes only 3-4 minutes to go to the beach at Dubai Marina, and 20-25 minutes to the Mall.

Prices start from 720,000 dirhams and can reach several tens of millions. You can buy ready-to-live objects or a plot of land for the construction of your villa.

Al Meydan City

Al Meydan City

The location with mixed development is located right in the center of Dubai near the flamingo Reserve. It occupies 3.7 km2.Various types of real estate are concentrated here – from single-storey, medium-rise buildings and skyscrapers to small cozy apartments and spacious luxury apartments. Such a place will certainly be ideal both for work and for living.

In addition, here in Frison, foreign citizens can register as freelancers or launch a startup.

There are only 2 international-level schools. But prestigious English-speaking educational institutions are located 10 minutes away by car.

There is an international airport, a business center and a highway nearby. The average bill for housing starts from 700,000 dirhams.

Advantages for investors:

  • holding annual horse races is a big influx of tourists;
  • arizona gives the right to fully own real estate;
  • variety of objects;
  • continuous development of the area.



Another sought-after residential area located on the coast of Dubai. In total, its length is 21 kilometers in length and 2.5 in depth. The total area is 40 km2.

Luxury lifestyle and amenities are successfully combined here:

  • developed urban environment;
  • well-groomed beach squares;
  • shopping center;
  • museums.

Jumeirah gained popularity due to the rich real estate market – from luxury villas to 5-star apartments. In addition there are studios and 1,2,3-room apartments.

The place is very popular among tourists, so the demand for rent here is consistently high. Profitability will depend on the type of object, but on average from the studio – 4% per year. The minimum price tag for housing is 776,000 dirhams.

Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills Estate

The project covers an area of 11 square kilometers. I plan to build up the territory with 3,333 residences with a capacity of 13,000 people.

The project will become a multi-purpose complex with luxury villas, townhouses, apartments, a park, as well as basketball and volleyball fields. In addition, there will be:

  • playgrounds for children;
  • skate park;
  • paths for hiking and cycling;
  • hotels;
  • shopping center;
  • restaurants.

The area is located in a fairly convenient location. It is enough to drive 16 minutes by car, as you will find yourself on the beach. The airport is 20 minutes away.

The return on investment in luxury villas is 4.9%. The price of a one–room apartment is from 535,000 dirhams, the most affordable villa is 2,000,000 dirhams.



JVC is a fifteen-minute drive from Palma. It got its name due to the radial layout: some of the streets look like circles from above, while others converge to the center.

There is everything necessary for life here:

  • lots of park areas;
  • fitness centers;
  • pools;
  • clinics;
  • supermarkets;
  • 5 kindergartens;
  • pharmacy items;
  • private school of international level, based on the Indian educational standard.

The community from the general developer-Nakheel company is localized near intersecting highways, so from this location you can get to any corner of the emirate by car.

Construction work is still ongoing. For example, some land plots need to be landscaped. After the completion of the gentrification and construction, the housing bill is likely to grow.

The development includes villas, residential complexes with apartments, club houses with gardens, swimming pools, gyms, children’s clubs. Minimum price of objects – 380 000 AED.

Damac Hills Estate

Damac Hills Estate

Damac Hills and Damac Hills 2 are green complexes from the largest developer Damac Properties. They are located deep in the emirate, a 30-minute drive from the coast. In the center of each is an elite golf club owned by Donald Trump. Both complexes will be interesting for family people and nature lovers.

Transport interchanges are concentrated near the districts.


  • parking spaces;
  • supermarkets;
  • shopping malls;
  • school;
  • gardens, lakes;
  • food trucks, ice cream van;
  • club with restaurants, swimming pool, gym.

Accommodation in Damascus Hills has a good value for money. The starting receipt is from 9,909 AED per square meter. In Damascus Hills 2, the minimum price of the object is 369,995 AED.

Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour

Developers managed to harmoniously combine commercial buildings and residential skyscrapers with a lot of green park areas in the project. The area stretches over 6 square kilometers and is suitable for families with children. The infrastructure is sufficiently developed – the territory is built up:

  • gardens, swimming pools, playgrounds for children;
  • well-groomed park areas;
  • supermarkets;
  • Shopping center.

Here you can buy any object – from a cozy studio to a luxury villa.

Geographically, the location is located near the reputable business centers of the emirate, which is convenient for entrepreneurs.The purchase amount will be considerable – start from 770 700 AED. The return on funds is 4.3% per annum. By purchasing an apartment, you will be able to get luxury apartments and enjoy beautiful views on the shores of the Dubai Creek Bay area. The owners can rent the purchased housing not only to tourists, but also to expats.



Deira is located on the eastern side of Dubai, near the neighboring city of Sharjah. Previously it was considered a business center, now it is a tourist center. Many historical sights and traditional oriental bazaars are concentrated on its territory.

The area has a high demand among families with children. So there are a lot of:

  • medical institutions;
  • kindergartens;
  • schools.

The only Russian international school in the Arab Emirates has also been built here.

Despite the fact that the area is attractive for living, foreign citizens cannot buy housing here. Deira is not a freehold zone, so investing is more accessible to citizens of the Persian Gulf countries and the Emirates.

At the same time, the authorities are taking measures to develop the area, and already, in some projects, objects with the right of ownership for foreigners have appeared. For example, plots of land for construction from Meraas. You can also purchase a ready-made villa as a secondary market object for 27,000,000 AED, a plot for 4,400,000 AED. The return on investment in the same projects is at least 7%.



Located 300 meters from the Park of culture and recreation. As part of the master plan, 26 projects will be built on more than 277 square kilometers. There are different types of real estate on the territory – from high-rise buildings to villas and townhouses. The main attraction is a large number of entertainment areas, tourist facilities.   

The average price of villas is 1,370,000 dirhams. The profitability of the district is 5.3% per annum.

Townhouses with two floors and three rooms will also be available for purchase. The average price is 2 910 000 AED.


  1. Parks.
  2. Pedestrian paths.
  3. Transport accessibility.
  4. Fitness centers.
  5. Mall.
  6. Amusement parks.
  7. Golf club.
  8. Bars.

Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches

In the suburbs of Dubai, most of the built objects are made in Spanish, Arabic and modern styles. The developer is Emaar. The area is 6.7 square kilometers. The district is also divided into sub-communities.

There is everything for family life here: from cozy housing, well-groomed parks, numerous supermarkets, pharmacies to medical centers, tennis courts and a race track. There are even 3 large lakes with paths for walking along the shore. In addition, pets are welcome in the community.

The complex is located at the intersection of 3 major highways of the UAE, which makes it easy to get to any part of the city. There are also no difficulties with parking, since all residential facilities have several parking spaces. It can be a built-in/underground garage.

Also near each villa there are zones of access roads where you can park your car or guests’ cars for a while.

In a closed location, some of the highest prices for the purchase of villas. The minimum price tag is 1 590 000 AED. At the same time, the payback is from 5 to 7% per year.

Tilal Al Ghaf

Tilal Al Ghaf

The lively community from developer Majid Al Futtaim combines modern and nature-inspired neighborhoods. They are interconnected by paths, natural spaces, parks. In general, the concept of the district adheres to the idea of “we belong to nature”. This can be seen by energy-saving technologies, an abundance of green spaces.

Since this is a closed community, there is a comprehensive security system with video surveillance cameras.


  1. Public parking.
  2. Park areas.
  3. Paths for pedestrians.
  4. Transport accessibility.
  5. Gyms.
  6. School.
  7. Bars.
  8. Pharmacy.
  9. Clinic.
  10. Restaurants.

The complex is aimed at couples and offers luxury villas, townhouses, high-rise buildings. By 2027, the construction will be fully completed.

More popular than others is the premium Water Lagoon community with villas, townhouses, which are available in different layouts. The minimum price of the objects is 1 195 000 AED.

Emaar Beachfront

Emaar Beachfront

Luxury housing complex with an area of 0.93 sq.km is located near Dubai Marina. Due to the proximity of the shopping center, top restaurants, yacht clubs and beaches, a comfortable pastime and a variety of leisure activities will be provided. Regular transport links are developed on the territory.

It is expected that the beach complex will be of more interest to tourists, and will be distinguished by a high return on investment. Moreover, in the future it will become a full-fledged luxury closed area, where all the infrastructure for life and recreation will be concentrated, in particular medical institutions, schools, kindergartens.

The complex will include ten thousand units with 1-4 rooms, penthouses with 3-4 bedrooms, 27 skyscrapers, villas, a hotel, a shopping center. There are also plans to build a lighthouse, a yacht marina. In addition, residents will be able to use the swimming pool, gyms, playgrounds for children and barbecue.

The minimum amount for which you can buy an apartment is 1,170,000 dirhams, a villa is 4,700,000 dirhams.

Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens

The inexpensive residential complex stretches for 6 km. There are budget apartments with 1-2 rooms, studios. The main part of the buildings is more than 26,000 buildings. All of them are localized near business centers. A district for young entrepreneurs.


  1. Public parking lots.
  2. 13 pools.
  3. Paths for pedestrians.
  4. Tennis courts.
  5. Transport accessibility.
  6. Mall.
  7. School.
  8. Kindergartens.
  9. Green park areas.
  10. Gyms.
  11. Metro.
  12. Mosque.
  13. 3 medical centers.
  14. Basketball courts.
  15. Temple.
  16. Pharmacy.

The cost is from 280 021 to 689 960 dirhams. The return on investment is from 9 to 10% per year.

Barsha Heights

Barsha Heights

The main part of the buildings in the area are hotels, residential, commercial buildings, hotels. The developer is the TECOM Group.

The territory is convenient for both living and doing business. The area is localized near developed complexes, and there is the necessary infrastructure on its territory:

  1. Public parking lots.
  2. Parks.
  3. Pedestrian paths.
  4. Transport accessibility.
  5. Fitness centers.
  6. Kindergartens.
  7. Metro.
  8. Mosque.

The place is suitable for couples, young professionals and those who lead an active lifestyle.

Various types of public transport operate on the territory. In addition to the bus service, there is a metro.

Residential real estate objects are studios, penthouses, apartments with the number of rooms from 1 to 4. Office and retail spaces can be purchased in commercial buildings. All elements are made in modern, traditional styles.

The district is among the leaders in commissioned real estate. According to experts, it is optimal in terms of price-quality ratio.

The minimum price is 450,000 AED.



Dubai’s JBR neighborhood is considered one of the top for living and beach holidays according to immigrants and tourists. It is located along the beaches covered with snow-white sand, at 1.7 km.

The beach community is characterized by a developed infrastructure, which makes this area comfortable to live in:

  1. Aquapark.
  2. Free and paid parking spaces.
  3. Park areas.
  4. Clubs.
  5. Transport accessibility.
  6. Mall.
  7. School, gardens.
  8. Metro.
  9. Mosque, temple.
  10. SPA center.
  11. Cinema.
  12. Pharmacy.

The area is fully ready for living, new houses do not appear on the territory. Therefore, you can buy housing exclusively from the previous owner.

The minimum receipt is 900,000 AED.

Now you know which areas are considered the best for buying real estate in Dubai. Variety allows you to choose both an affordable and an expensive option. Each of these complexes continues to improve. This means that new objects appear. The choice of the area is up to you. But if you are in doubt which one is better in terms of benefits, contact a specialist for help.

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