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How to get UAE citizenship for investments in 2024

Как получить гражданство ОАЭ за инвестиции в 2024 году

The rapidly developing economy and technology, flexible tax policy, benefits and security guarantees from the state for entrepreneurs and qualified specialists, combined with a high standard of living, have attracted millions of expats to the UAE. Today, migrants make up almost 90% of the total population of the country. However, few people can become a full citizen of the principality. Most of the migrants live on temporary visas for 1, 3 or 5 years. Until 2021, it was impossible to obtain UAE citizenship even for large investments, only a 10-year Golden Visa. A new amendment to the Federal Law softened the conditions, and the relocants had the opportunity to obtain citizenship for special merits.

What gives UAE citizenship

Upon obtaining citizenship of the country to which he moved, the migrant becomes his own and can enjoy all the rights of this state. Becoming a citizen of the Emirates means getting not only benefits for yourself, but also for your children. Having a UAE passport gives the owner the opportunity to:

  • receive a higher salary (2-3 times higher than residents), as well as take higher positions in competition with non-citizens;
  • to use medical services free of charge;
  • apply for subsidies to pay for utilities;
  • to receive large-scale assistance from the state at the birth of a child in the form of a sum of money, a plot of land for building or a house;
  • to study at a university for free;
  • travel the world: UAE citizens can visit 179 countries without a visa.

If both parents are citizens of the country, then their children automatically become citizens at birth and can study at school, college, or university for free.

Ways to obtain citizenship

UAE citizenship

To become a citizen, you must meet several requirements:

  1. Renounce your current citizenship.
  2. Take the oath of allegiance to the principality.
  3. Learn Arabic.
  4. Study and comply with the laws of the country.

Citizenship by investment

Until 2021, the country had a law according to which only a 5-year residency could be obtained for investments in real estate worth at least 5 million AED. It gave a lot of rights, but it also left enough restrictions. In 2022, the Government introduced incentives, according to which it was enough to invest 2 million AED in real estate to receive a Golden Visa for 10 years. Later, they decided to adopt another amendment, according to which it became possible to obtain citizenship for investments, but on more stringent conditions:

  1. The minimum investment amount has not been disclosed.
  2. Each application is considered on an individual basis and the terms cannot be disclosed.
  3. Real estate cannot be bought on credit.
  4. The property cannot be secured.


UAE citizenship

This is the longest way to obtain an Emirati passport. It can be obtained if you have lived in the UAE for 30 years on temporary visas. Initially, a person can come to the country for study or employment, commercial activity or investment and obtain an appropriate temporary residence permit, and then regularly renew it.

Most often, naturalization is carried out through the registration of a Golden Visa. In fact, it can also be considered as an option to obtain a UAE passport for investment. To get a 10-year Golden Visa, an applicant can use one of the following options:

  • invest in one of the local funds;
  • open a business;
  • purchase shares of the company;
  • buy a house in any emirate of the country.

The main condition is that at least 2 million dirhams must be contributed to any of the above–mentioned enterprises.

The exception is the opening of a company that will pay taxes annually. An initial payment of 205 thousand dirhams is sufficient to open such an enterprise. Having extended the Golden Visa three times, the applicant for citizenship is approaching his cherished dream. However, 30 years of living and successful business is not enough. It is also necessary:

  • It is good to speak Arabic;
  • to remain capable;
  • have no criminal record and violations of the law, including offenses against honor and dignity;
  • have only legitimate income (which will be carefully checked).

Citizenship in Dubai for intellectual investments

The flag of the UAE

In 2023-2024. The Government of the Principality continues to actively attract the best personnel in various fields of the economy and social sphere to the country. Favorable conditions are being created for Europeans and Americans so that they have an incentive to change their place of residence and work. One of these incentives was the opportunity to get a passport for outstanding achievements. The authorities of the country show the greatest interest in:

  1. Medical professionals with more than 10 years of practical experience. These may be practitioners with a narrow specialization or engaged in scientific research. There is also an increased interest in members of leading medical communities, Associations, and other associations, to those who have made a significant contribution to research or medical practice and are recognized in world medicine for this.
  2. Scientists working in prestigious research centers, institutes, laboratories, who have received awards or received large grants. Researchers need to enlist the support of a local scientific institution.
  3. To inventors holding patents in areas of interest to the UAE.
  4. Outstanding talents in the fields of sports, art and culture, fashion, and design. To obtain citizenship, such applicants must have international merit awards, as well as letters of recommendation from local authorities responsible for culture and sports.

Is dual citizenship acceptable

Dual citizenship

One of the requirements for obtaining a UAE passport is to renounce other citizenship. Until recently, the presence of a second citizenship was the reason for the refusal to issue an Emirati passport. However, now the demands have softened. Individuals who received an Emirati passport for investments were allowed to keep their current citizenship. The right to retain current citizenship also applies to family members.

What can you lose your citizenship for?

The authorities of the principality revoke citizenship in cases where it turns out that a citizen:

  • for no good reason, he has been living outside the Emirates for more than 4 years;
  • He served in the armed formations of other countries without the permission of the principality authorities;
  • received citizenship of another country;
  • committed acts that jeopardized the security of the Principality;
  • works or has worked in the interests of a country that is hostile to the Emirates;
  • forged documents when applying for naturalization.

UAE citizenship for financial or intellectual investments is one of the options for naturalization in the principality, which has become available relatively recently. However, it cannot be called easy: the merits must be extremely significant.

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