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List of the best services of the International Free Zone Authority

Список лучших услуг Управления Международной свободной зоны

The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) has undoubtedly become one of the most popular free zones in the UAE. It is strategically located in Dubai and offers many advantages for investors who want to start their own business.

Licenses from IFZA

The Free Zone offers investors the opportunity to carry out up to 3 types of activities under one IFZA license. However, there is an additional fee for this. The advantage of opening a company in a free zone is the opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors to combine professional and commercial activities under one license.

IFZA is one of the free zones in the UAE, which does not consider e-commerce as a separate type of activity. However, an entrepreneur has the opportunity to sell goods on online platforms with a general trading license. You also do not need to have a warehouse in free zones, and you can only use a virtual office. Consider the licenses issued by the jurisdiction.

Consulting license

Investors-accountants and marketers, can get a license for consulting.

General trade license

Investors in Dubai

Investors who want to sell, distribute, store, import, export and re-export goods under a single license can obtain a general trade license. An additional plus is that you can use it to trade several types of goods without additional investments.

Investors who have received it have the right to trade furniture, electronics, etc. However, there is an exception for certain types of goods whose trade is prohibited, or for which special permission from various municipalities is required. Some of these exceptions include guns, alcohol, and medications.

IFZA Service license

Issued to investors who want to do business in the service sector. They must have a professional degree or work experience in their chosen field.

Trade license

A trade license is almost the same as a general one. Although in this case, the investor can only trade one type of product.

IFZA also offers additional services, such as raising or lowering the license level, making changes to it, as well as confirming documents.


The cost of an IFZA visa starts from 3750 dirhams UAE. In addition, promotions and prices are constantly being held in the free zone to help investors who want to start a company.

The main advantage of creating a company in IFZA is the right of investors to receive 1 free lifetime investor visa. They also offer investors a VIP visa stamp.


Virtual office

Virtual office

It is also known as the digital office. Virtual offices are part of a flexible workspace. It provides businesses with a combination of services for employees who can be located anywhere in the world. These services include a business address, phone number, call handling, email, and access to other offices.

Smart table/Flexible table

Flexi-desk or smart desk consists of a desk and a chair installed in a shared office. Having a flexible desktop would mean that the company has a physical address.


Enterprises that need to store raw materials or industrial goods can use storage facilities.

A full-fledged office

Full-fledged offices would provide companies with fully equipped space to accommodate the number of employees, conference rooms, etc.

Service packages

The main advantage of creating a business in IFA is its ability to offer many packages of services for entrepreneurs who want to advance in the field of entrepreneurship and direct them to the right path. IFZA is also the only free zone in the UAE that offers “lifetime visas” to investors setting up a company.

There are also additional IFZA services, including real estate management solutions, as well as training services.

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