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Do Belarusians need a visa to Dubai and the UAE?

Нужна ли виза в Дубай и ОАЭ для белорусов?

The Arab Emirates is a popular tourist destination among citizens of the Republic of Belarus (RB). This is a seaside country with a warm climate, magnificent beaches, numerous attractions. In recent years, the UAE has opened its doors to students, freelancers and qualified professionals who want to study, live and work in a country where the flavor of the Oriental lifestyle and the most modern achievements of technological progress are surprisingly combined.

Do Belarusians need a visa to Dubai and the UAE?

Starting from 19.01.21, citizens of Belarus can stay in the United Arab Emirates for 90 days without a visa.

Rules of visa-free entry to the UAE for Belarusians

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus may not apply for a visa permit to enter the Emirates for the purpose of transit and remain outside the territory of the state for three months within six months. You must have a passport with you. The validity period of the traveler’s passport must expire no earlier than six months from the date of crossing the border of the Emirates.

At the border, a traveler may sometimes be asked for a return ticket, confirmation of a hotel reservation, and a medical insurance policy. The Immigration Service reserves the right to refuse entry without explanation.

If you need to stay in the country for longer than 90 days, you need to open a visa. This can be done on the spot, without leaving the state.

Covid requirements

When crossing the border, the traveler must present any confirmation of the absence of Covid-19:

  • a certificate with a QR code confirming full vaccination with any vaccine recognized by WHO, as well as Sputnik-V;
  • A PCR test passed no later than two days before arrival;
  • a certificate from the attending physician confirming full recovery after covid no earlier than a month before arrival.

The references must be translated into English. Certificates are accepted in printed or electronic form, are not accepted in the form of SMS messages.

Children under 12 and disabled people are exempt from taking the test.

Covid requirements

Conditions for issuing tourist permits

  1. Usually the application is considered within 3 days, but sometimes the consideration may take 2 weeks. At the same time, employees of the consular department have the right not to explain the reason for the delay.
  2. The tour visa is issued only once. To get to the Emirates again, you need to open another one.
  3. There are time limits. The tour visa is valid for 29 days, i.e. it allows you to stay on the territory for 29 consecutive days. If you stay in the Emirates for more than 10 days, then you can apply for the next permit according to the rules no earlier than a month after returning home. If the period of stay was more than 15 days, then the next visa can be applied for no earlier than 12 months.
  4. The permit is valid for two months from the date of issue.
  5. If you are traveling with your family, documents for all members are submitted at the same time.
  6. All children need visas, age does not matter.
  7. Every child should have their own passport. If there is none, but the minor’s photo is pasted into the parent’s passport, the child has the right to cross the border with the permission of the parent.
  8. Errors when filling out the questionnaire fields for personal data are the main reason for refusing to open a tour visa.
  9. If the entry permit is refused, the registration costs will not be refunded.
  10. When opening a tour visa, it is necessary to book a hotel that will act as a guarantor of the trip. If a tourist does not check in on arrival for any reason, the hotel loses the status of a guarantor, and the tourist will be expelled from the country, because now he does not have a guarantor.
  11. If there are marks in the passport about staying in the USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, as well as in any country from the Schengen zone, then the probability of refusal of entry is minimal.

Opening a tour visa


The easiest way to apply for a tour visa is through a tourism agency. It is also possible through the diplomatic mission, but permits are issued here only if there is a sponsor, which is a hotel or a citizen of the UAE. You can also apply to the Sharjah Visa Application Center in Moscow in person or apply online.

Required documents

  • passport with a validity period of at least 180 days at the time of entry;
  • tourist voucher or hotel reservation;
  • airline tickets;
  • certificate of purchase of a tourist trip;
  • one 55X43 mm photo made on a white background;
  • questionnaire filled in English.

The package is submitted electronically. The approval will be sent to the applicant’s e-mail. It must be printed out and presented at the airport upon arrival. On the basis of this paper, the migration service officer will stamp the passport.

Registration through a travel agency costs $ 85, independently through the consulate – $ 150.

Consular fee

For holders of ordinary and service passports, the fee is $ 60.

Document legalization

In the Consular Department at the UAE Embassy in Minsk, you can legalize or certify:

  • diplomas of education;
  • marriage, divorce, birth certificates;
  • any kind of power of attorney;
  • medical certificates;
  • certificates, etc.

All papers submitted for legalization are pre-certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

If there is no place for the seals of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy on the document, do the following:

  1. Make a copy of the paper and notarize it.
  2. They are translated into English or Arabic and certified by a notary.
  3. The authenticity is verified first by the Ministry of Justice of Belarus, then by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Shipping papers


The Embassy legalizes all documents necessary for trade in Belarusian goods and services. Shipping papers include:

  • invoices;
  • quality certificates;
  • certificates of origin;
  • trade powers of attorney.

The trade invoices reflect information about the product, the destination, as well as the details of the recipient. The certificate of origin is accompanied by any goods: it also indicates the destination and recipient.

The validity of the papers is first certified by the seals of the manufacturer, the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Belarus or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and only then sent for legalization to the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates. The exception is the goods of Israeli production or joint production with Israel.

Consular fee for legalization

  • for ordinary certificates, powers of attorney, etc. – $ 41;
  • for trade certificates, shipping papers, etc. – about $ 545.

Sharjah Visa Application Center

Here you can apply online around the clock:

  • go to the website http://uaevc.ru /;
  • fill out the form;
  • attach the necessary documents;
  • pay the fee with Visa, MasterCard cards.

The deadline for registration is no more than 3 days. The visa will come by e-mail, you need to download it, print it out in A4 format and take it with you on a trip.

Transit permission

According to the new rules, it is not necessary for citizens of the Republic of Belarus: they can stay in the Emirates without a visa for up to 90 days.

Guest permission


If you are going to visit relatives or friends, they must issue an invitation and a sponsorship letter in which they confirm the obligation to pay all expenses related to your stay and travel.

Work visa (employment visa)

Required for employment. It is extremely difficult to get it yourself, because the Ministries of Labor and Immigration Affairs are engaged in issuing it. Usually its registration is taken over by the employer. If you have found a job and agreed on the conditions, the employer submits to the Ministry of Labor a package of documents including:

  1. 2 applications for the issuance of an employment visa.
  2. Registration certificate of your company (original and photocopy).
  3. A copy of the license for the right of commercial activity.
  4. A diploma of education of a future employee confirming his qualifications, which must first be certified:
  5. by a notary in the applicant’s country of residence (in our case on the territory of Belarus);
  6. by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus;
  7. at the UAE Embassy in Minsk;
  8. at the UAE Foreign Ministry.

The whole package is served only in Arabic. The deadline for consideration of the application is 2 weeks. If the candidate is approved, she will be granted an employment visa, which allows her to enter the Emirates and stay there for 60 days, during which she should apply for residency.


Candidates are most often denied entry:

  • who provided incomplete documents;
  • who incorrectly filled out the questionnaire (including if they provided deliberately incorrect data);
  • in respect of which court cases have been opened;
  • who have criminal records;
  • female under 30 years old, traveling unaccompanied by a man.

A trip with children

If a child is traveling with his parents, then he must either be entered in their passports or have his own passport. If minors are accompanied by third parties, they must have a notarized permission from both parents on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. If a minor traveler and his accompanying parent have different surnames, then at the border it is necessary to present a birth certificate: the original, as well as a copy translated into English, certified by a notary.

UAE Diplomatic Mission

It is located at the address: Minsk, Attractive street, building 6.

In conclusion, we will once again draw attention to whether Belarusians need a visa to Dubai and the UAE. According to the new rules, it is not necessary if a citizen of the Republic of Belarus is going to stay in the territory of the state for no more than 90 days.

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