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How to apply for a visa to Dubai for citizens of Uzbekistan

Как оформить визу в Дубай для граждан Узбекистана

This article is about how to get a visa to Dubai for citizens of Uzbekistan. Over the past decade, the UAE has significantly expanded economic and cultural ties with many post-Soviet countries. Uzbekistan was no exception. Citizens of this country are increasingly traveling to work, study, treatment or vacation in the Emirates. Therefore, more and more people are interested in the issues of obtaining the necessary documents for themselves and family members.

Let’s take a closer look at what types of visas exist, what documents will be required to obtain an entry permit and why the applicant may be denied entry.

Do I need a visa for Uzbek citizens?

Yes, I do. In order to strengthen interstate ties, the Government of Uzbekistan unilaterally decided to abolish visas for citizens of the Arab Emirates arriving in this Central Asian republic. However, there has been no response from the UAE yet. Therefore, Uzbekistanis, regardless of the purpose of the visit, must issue visa permits, and do it in advance, since by the time of arrival the stamp must be in the passport.

Classification of visas by purpose of stay


Visa permits are disposable and reusable. A regular tour visa is a one-time visa, issued for 30 days and can be used only for a single border crossing. This type of permit document is most in demand. But there are other types:

  • working, issued to the applicant upon presentation of a work contract;
  • business, necessary for those who have decided to establish a business in the principality: an invitation is required to receive it;
  • educational – for schoolchildren and students who want to study at any local educational institution;
  • humanitarian for representatives of scientific circles or charitable organizations, athletes;
  • official for diplomats, special representatives of various industries;
  • for the bride;
  • for family reunion;
  • for treatment;
  • for wholesale purchases.

Where to register?

Since it is necessary to arrive in Dubai with a visa, it is better to do this in advance while at home. You can contact the UAE Embassy located in Tashkent at 38 Nasaf Street or do everything online on the websites:

  • Sharjah Visa Application Center;
  • Dubai Visa Application Center;
  • Emirati Airlines (“Fly Dubai”, “Emirates”): together with the purchase of a ticket, you can apply for a tour visa.

When issuing an offline permit, the applicant’s passport will be stamped, the online client will receive an electronic document that must be printed in A4 format and presented at passport control with other documents.

Visa processing

What documents are needed

  • valid passport;
  • a copy of the page with previous stamps about visiting the Emirates, if any;
  • questionnaire;
  • photo;
  • airline tickets;
  • hotel reservation;
  • salary certificate or bank account statement proving financial viability.

Document requirements

  • the passport must be valid for six months from the end of the trip, as well as in a condition suitable for machine reading;
  • the photo is taken in color, on a white background without a headdress, sizes 3 x 4 cm or 3.5 x 4.5 cm are allowed, damaged, dirty, fuzzy photos are not allowed;
  • the questionnaire is filled out only in English;
  • the reservation must be from a hotel of at least 4 stars, and its validity is not less than three days;
  • persons under the age of 25 are required to confirm their financial viability.

Additional documents that may be required to obtain a visa to the UAE for citizens of Uzbekistan

The above set of documents is required to obtain a travel visa. For registration of other types of permits, additional documents will be required:

  • marriage certificate;
  • diploma of education;
  • invitation to study or work;
  • invitation from relatives or friends;
  • employment contract;
  • certificate of medical examination and vaccinations (usually required from those who come to study or work);
  • report card must be presented if admission to a local university is carried out by transfer;
  • medical report on the state of health for persons arriving for treatment.

What documents may be required for children and people of retirement age


Pensioners will not need additional certificates, certificates or certificates, and for children they will have to provide a separate package, including:

  • scan of the passport (the option with pasting the child’s photo into the parent is not suitable);
  • birth certificate;
  • permission from the second parent if the minor is traveling with only one, and permission to accompany if traveling with a third person.

All documents are accepted only with an English translation. Permits from parents must be notarized.

How do I fill out the questionnaire?

The questionnaire is a questionnaire where you need to enter personal information in English, as well as answer several questions. You need to report the following about yourself:

  • full name;
  • full names of mother and father;
  • place and date of birth;
  • passport number, date and place of issue, as well as the period until which it is valid;
  • profession;
  • education;
  • purpose of the visit;
  • address of residence at home;
  • address and phone number of the place of residence in the UAE.

In addition, we need to answer three questions:

  1. Do you have a different citizenship? If there is, specify which one.
  2. Have you ever been to the UAE before?
  3. Who is your sponsor? Specify the name, address and phone number.

At the bottom you need to put down the date and a personal signature.

Do I need to undergo fingerprinting and medical examination procedures


Medical examination and information about the vaccinations are required only from students. For all others, it is not required to undergo medical examination and fingerprinting procedures.

Terms and cost of registration

The decision on the satisfaction of the application or refusal is made within 5 working days.The cost depends on the type of permission:

  • transit will cost about $75;
  • tourist – $110;
  • training – $150;
  • working – 550 $.

For what reasons can a visa to Dubai be refused for citizens of Uzbekistan

  1. Incorrectly filled out documents.
  2. Violation of the UAE visa regime when traveling in the past.
  3. The presence of a stamp in the foreign passport about staying in Israel.
  4. Indication of false information in the documents.
  5. Unacceptable immigration intentions of the applicant.

In case of refusal, the application can be submitted a second time.

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