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When do I need a visa to the UAE for Ukrainian citizens and how to get it

Когда нужна виза в ОАЭ для украинцев и как ее можно получить?

The presence of a visa for Ukrainians to enter the UAE was previously mandatory. Visa-free stay in the territory of the state for a certain period is now allowed. After its expiration, you can issue an electronic permit in several ways – yourself through the Visa Center of Asian countries or with the help of a service from an airline carrier.

Is it possible for citizens of Ukraine to visit the UAE without a visa in 2022?

Ukrainians can stay in the Emirates for exactly 30 days. It is allowed to extend the permit period up to 90 days through the migration service authorities.

To enter the UAE without a visa, you will need a passport. The main condition is that it must be valid for more than six months from the moment of crossing the border.

If you are going to the Arab Emirates to earn money, get an education or just live, then you will need a visa.

What documents do I need to enter the country?

Girl with a document
  1. Certificate confirming vaccination. The vaccine must be approved by WHO or the Emirates, and also contain a QR code.
  2. PCR test for covid with QR code. Important – it should be done no earlier than 48 hours before the trip.
  3. A medical certificate with a QR code stating that the passenger is healthy for a month from the day of recovery to the moment of arrival in Dubai.

When you arrive in the Emirates, you will have to undergo a PCR test and wait for the result in self-isolating conditions. With a positive test, health representatives will give recommendations that must be followed.

The printed/digital version of the test/vaccination certificates is accepted, both in English and in Arabic. They must have a QR code on them.

Transfer passengers must comply with the entry rules that apply at the final destination.

The airline has the right to refuse registration, and representatives of the migration service to enter, if:

  • the passport will be valid for less than six months;
  • there is no return ticket;
  • the child does not have a separate passport.

Is it necessary to provide insurance?

If you plan to visit the UAE as a tourist, then insurance is mandatory. In this situation, it does not matter if you come from Ukraine or any other country.

How to get a visa for a Ukrainian?

Passport on the map

The mandatory package of documents consists of:

  • photocopies of the passport in color;
  • 1 photo 3.4×5.5 cm;
  • round–trip air tickets/their reservations – both a copy and the original will do;
  • references from work with the position and salary for the month – confirms the financial situation. An extract from a bank account with a cash turnover for the last 180 days is also suitable. The amount must be at least 10 thousand dollars. This also includes one of the valid visas. We are talking about a Schengen, American or British one to choose from. The period of issue is no more than six months ago.
  • a photocopy of a passport with a permit: according to the type of work certificate or current visa;
  • a completed form in Russian/English.

For Ukrainians under 25 and 23 (girls and boys), you need to make a deposit of $ 275. He will be returned upon arrival in Ukraine. If girls under the age of 32 enter alone, they will need a copy of the marriage certificate (if available), a letter from the sponsor (if the guarantor is the father or husband).

Submission of documents for Ukrainians for a visa to Dubai is carried out no later than 3 days before the trip. The registration period takes from 3 to 5 working days.

Register in UIA

The Airline interacts with the Visa Application Center. To register through it:

  1. Buy a flight ticket.
  2. Fill out the online form.
  3. Attach the documents using the service of the Asia Center.

In fact, you make it yourself, just do not pay for the service fee, and the document itself will cost $ 104.

Register via Flydubai

Flydubai Company

You can register remotely. Mandatory conditions – airline tickets of the company and entry through Dubai.

The procedure is simple:

  1. Book your tickets.
  2. Make a photocopy/scan of the documents.
  3. Prepare a photo in JPEG format.
  4. Download the questionnaire and fill it out. It contains standard columns by type of departure date, hotel name, etc. The questionnaire is in Russian.
  5. Send to the address .
  6. In response, you will be sent payment details.
  7. Pay in UAH at the NBU exchange rate.
  8. After payment, your papers will be sent to the Migration Department.
  9. A letter with a visa will be sent to your email within 3-5 days.
  10. Print (required) take her on a trip.

Register via Emirates

There are 3 ways to apply:

  1. Through partners in other countries – the list can be found on the company’s website.
  2. At the local office.
  3. On the portal of the organization in the online mode – the section “Booking management”. The application is available even after booking tickets.

Several categories of visas can be issued through Emirates. We are talking about:

  1. Multiple short-term. The validity period is 30 days without the right to extend. The price is $175.
  2. One-time short-term. Only 1 entry is available with it and the stay period is 30 days without extension. The check is $90.
  3. Transit – for 96 hours. Makes it possible to transfer at the UAE airport. The cost is $55.

Registration of a long-term one-time permit online is not possible. You need to open a visa for more than 90 days in person at visa centers.

Self-registration through the Visa Center of Asian countries

Visa application center

Documents can be submitted remotely through an official authorized partner. Upload their scanned copies to the website or apply for a visa at the representative office. Processing of the application in the second case is several days longer.

If you are applying for documents for the first time, then register on the website to open the LC. You will fill out a questionnaire in it. You also need to register if you decide to submit documentation through the visa application center office.

You can also check the status of the application on the website.

How to apply for a visa for women and children?

There are separate rules for obtaining visas for such categories of citizens as women and children:

  1. Girls aged 21-30 years can get a permit without additional requirements. Refusals happen in rare cases.
  2. If a girl is under the age of 21, she must travel with a relative who will be older, regardless of his gender. The surnames of both should be the same.
  3. Women over the age of 21 are entitled to receive 3 types of visas: single-entry for 30 days, 90, multiple.
  4. If the child is a minor, they must be entered in the parents’ document. The visa is free for him.
  5. If the children have a separate passport, then you need to apply for a visa for them. It is better to scan the child’s passport page qualitatively so that all the data is clearly visible. Also, do not forget about the certification of the permit document by a notary and its translation into English. As additional papers, it is worth attaching a copy of the birth certificate in English, a certificate from the place of study. In the latter, specify where the child is going, the address of the future residence, the time of stay, who accompanies.

The passport will soon become invalid – what to do?

If you need to extend the terms of a valid passport, please contact the Embassy of Ukraine in the Emirates. It is localized in the city of Abu Dhabi. Also, to resolve this issue, you can visit the Consulate of Ukraine located in Dubai.

Reasons for passport renewal:

  • application – issued on the spot. It can be submitted by you personally or by a legal representative;
  • submission of a Ukrainian passport together with an application to leave the country.

You can renew your passport no earlier than three months before the day when it expires.

Being in the Emirates


Everyone who comes to the UAE must adhere to the simple rules of this country:

  1. Religion. It is impossible to bypass people who pray from the front, to visit a prayer building and houses shod. In Ramadan (the month of fasting for Muslims), it is forbidden to eat or drink outside before sunset. Otherwise, you will be fined/imprisoned.
  2. Eating. It is forbidden to eat on the move / standing, to look at the person who is taking food. Products, money, things need to be taken only with the right hand. In the absence of forks, rinse your hand and take a pinch. It is customary to break bread, not cut it. Refusal of the offered coffee will be appreciated as an impolite gesture. If you decide to try exotic cuisine, be prepared for unexpected reactions of the body. To prevent this from happening, first study the composition.
  3. Behavior in public places. For kissing and hugging, you can get not just a fine, but an arrest from several days to 6 months. You can’t talk loudly on the phone or dance on the streets.
  4. Dress code. You can not wear swimsuits outside the beach, pool. There are no bans on open women’s outfits, but with an inappropriate outfit, they may not be allowed into a store, a landmark or make a remark.
  5. Public transport. For drinking drinks, food and chewing gum in transport, a fine of 100 AED is threatened. If there is no free space, and you are in a couple, it is better to give way to your girlfriend / wife, but not to put her on your lap – this will be perceived as a serious violation of law and order. When renting a car, do not exceed the speed limit and do not stop in the wrong places. Driving under the influence of alcohol can result in a fine/arrest/deportation.

Where to apply for visas and entry to the UAE for Ukrainians?

You can ask any question you are interested in on the website of the Consulate of Ukraine in the UAE. Messages will be answered only during business hours. You can also contact the Consulate of the Emirates in Kiev.

Thus, it is better to study the information before the trip and make sure that you have all the necessary documents, and your passport is valid for a specified period.

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