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Which areas of Dubai are easier to sell real estate in 2024

В каких районах Дубая легче продавать недвижимость в 2024 году

Dubai is the first principality in the UAE in terms of population. It is home to more than 3.5 million people, of whom 85% are expats, i.e. newcomers. At the same time, the number of people wishing to move to the principality is constantly growing. For example, last year the city received 100,000 new residents. If the growth trend continues, demographers predict that about 6 million people will live here in 20-25 years. 

It is not surprising that investing in real estate has become one of the most profitable types of business. Real estate prices are rising along with the growing demand for it. At the same time, there is a high demand not only for the «elite», but also for affordable housing. In which areas of the city is it easier to buy and sell real estate? This review article will help you answer the question.

What makes Dubai so attractive for migrants

It is one of the fastest growing megacities in the world, promising good profits in any business that does not contradict the law:

  1. A convenient geographical location and well-developed internal infrastructure, combined with a flexible tax policy and regulated and strictly enforced legislation, contribute to maintaining a favorable business climate.
  2. Stimulating innovative branches of science and technology attracts highly qualified specialists to the country to work, and young people to study.
  3. The growing metropolis stimulates the emergence of new residential areas, as well as companies, research, medical, wellness, and manufacturing centers. And they, in turn, need qualified labor resources, offering them a good salary and many privileges.
  4. The developed social infrastructure provides a high standard of living, organization of everyday life, a variety of recreation, entertainment, and sports.
  5. A separate program applies to wealthy expats of retirement age who want to find a quiet and comfortable stay. The state creates all conditions for this.

In addition, Dubai is a mecca for tourists who prefer recreation and entertainment at sea, as well as shopping enthusiasts. Many foreigners come here for holidays that last for whole seasons. They rarely live in hotels, more often in their apartments or villas, bought specifically for these purposes.

TOP 15 areas for living and investing


Before selling a property, it must be bought by choosing the right community. Despite the fact that they are all located tightly adjacent to each other, the difference between them can be huge. This is reflected in the distance from the sea, the city center and the main attractions, from the degree of landscaping, number of floors, development of social and transport infrastructure. These factors have a strong impact on the cost of residential premises.

Each neighborhood is focused on the needs of a specific audience. Those located closer to the center and the coast are considered more prestigious. The most expensive real estate here, but buyers are primarily guided by prestige when choosing, for which they are willing to pay well. Another type of elite neighborhoods are gated communities for quiet family living with low–rise buildings. The cost of housing is also affected by the proximity of public transport stops, especially the metro, the availability of medical and educational institutions, shopping malls, and park recreation areas.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown is the most vibrant and dynamic community, a mix of modern architecture, cultural diversity and entertainment opportunities. It houses the Dubai Mall, the Opera, the Burj Khalifa Tower, and Singing Fountains. But it is also the business center of the principality, which houses the headquarters and representative offices of the largest media and industrial corporations. Downtown is also a shopping and shopping center. Here you can find outlets with any goods and for any purse: 1200 shops and boutiques are located in the Mall alone.

Downtown is equally attractive for businessmen, tourists and investors. Transport and infrastructure are well developed here. A well-thought-out network of public transport stops (bus, tram, underground, water) allows you to easily and in a short time get to any place. Dozens of restaurants and cafes offer menus of European and Oriental cuisines. There is a multidisciplinary, as well as several specialized medical clinics – ophthalmological, orthopedic. Children aged 0 to 6 years old can be left in care and upbringing centers for a day.

Downtown is:

  • an authoritative image;
  • high density of the wealthy population;
  • a comfortable lifestyle;
  • convenient strategic location (proximity to both airports, good connection to other locations);
  • a variety of cultural events;
  • a lively, exciting atmosphere is a round–the-clock celebration.

The only inconvenience is the distance from the beach area, you have to drive to it by car.

This is the most prestigious location. Not everyone can afford to buy even small apartments here: the average cost of apartments is about 900 thousand dollars. However, they are well rented out for a long time and sold, as Downtown attracts wealthy investors who are willing to pay good premiums for the offers they like. The annual rent of a one–room apartment is $ 30,000. The average return on capital in 2023 was 8.7%.

Business Bay (BB)

Business Bay

This is a business district, a hub of offices, banks, retail premises, commercial facilities, and hotels. It is located between Downtown and Jumeirah. Surrounded by skyscrapers, BB is practically devoid of green areas, but the Dubai Canal flows through it, diluting the rigor with beautiful water landscapes.

Despite the fact that most of the territory is built up with business buildings, there is also an LCD here. Almost 18 thousand companies are registered in Business Bay, attracting young specialists in various fields, office workers, and businessmen. BB is more attractive for bachelors than for couples, since there are no parks or places of entertainment for children, and there are several kindergartens and an elementary school from educational institutions.

Bus routes pass through Business Bay, there is a metro station, and a well-developed network of highways. It is easy to reach the main attractions and shopping malls from here. In addition, the address in BB is considered no less prestigious than in Downtown.

The cost of the facilities is slightly lower: a square meter of housing will cost an average of $ 7,000 (compared to $ 9,000 in Downtown). Nevertheless, sales are brisk, prices are not falling, but, on the contrary, due to an increase in population and demand are constantly growing. The accumulation of different types of business is a guarantee of maintaining this trend in the future.

Dubai Marina

The Marina Community is a narrow strip of land stretching along the coast for about 7 kilometers. Well–maintained comfortable beaches are the main attraction. A recognizable silhouette is formed by several skyscrapers, including an architectural masterpiece – a tower twisted by 90°. This is a resort where the holiday lasts around the clock, while being as close to the center as possible. The flow of tourists does not dry up all year round.

The peculiarity of the location provides hotels and residential complexes with proximity to the sea or the canal embankment – a seven-kilometer pedestrian zone with countless bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

The community is focused on a prestigious lifestyle and sea holidays. There are shopping malls, malls, chain supermarkets, sports complexes and spas, a trampoline park on the water. You can live for weeks and enjoy a variety of holidays. But if necessary, it is not difficult to get to other places: for the convenience of residents and guests, there are two metro stations, as well as a well-established ground transport system with conveniently located stops.

Residential complexes are characterized by an increased level of comfort, since they are designed for an audience with very high incomes and the same requirements. The location is considered one of the best in the emirate. Small apartments are sold for 600 thousand dollars, and the cost of villas starts from one and a half million. The investment yield is approaching 8% per year.

Currently, about 55 thousand people live in the community, but in the future it is expected to increase the number to 120 thousand.



Unlike the resort and tourist Marina, Jumeirah is an elite place for family living. The location is also located on the coast itself, but the buildings are mostly low–rise villas. There are many shops, several kindergartens and school facilities, there are shady parks for walking, outdoor sports grounds. Jumeirah is not officially designated as a separate urban administrative unit. It is a long narrow coastal stretch of land stretching for 20 km and bounded on the opposite side of the Sheikh Zayed Highway.

The property belongs to the elite category, therefore it is expensive. The average cost of apartments is 1.3 million US dollars. However, demand is always high.

Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Island is the largest bulk island in the world and the business card of the UAE. The 16 «palm branches» extending from the «trunk» are sandy embankments on which multi–level villas and townhouses with private beaches and yacht parking are located. And at the top of the «tree» the Atlantis hotel complex has grown, striking with architectural and design solutions, panoramas from windows, comfort and level of service. In total, 4,500 objects intended for purchase/sale have been built on the island, and the permanent population is about 10,000 people.

Most of the infrastructure is designed for tourists: water park, shopping center, hotels and restaurants. Even the only monorail tram (there are no other types of urban transport here), running along the trunk from the mainland to the Atlantis hotel on the top of the island, is more suitable for a sightseeing tour of the island, and those living on the island constantly prefer to travel by private transport. 

There are residential complexes on the island where young specialists prefer to settle. For the convenience of couples with children, there are several kindergartens, but there are no primary and secondary educational institutions. They are focused on the «trunk» of the palm tree. The cost of any object is estimated in millions of dollars.

This is the most expensive area to live in. Rich foreigners prefer to buy real estate in it more often for the purpose of investing, because despite the high cost, the demand for residential facilities does not fall.

Motor City

Motor City

A community in which a community of middle-class residents has formed. There is everything you need for a comfortable daily stay with your family: coffee shops and restaurants, two large sports complexes, supermarkets, where residents of other neighborhoods come to shop. GEMS Metropole School, considered one of the best in the emirate, is an extremely attractive factor for parents. In the vast park area, residents can walk, ride a bike, and play sports. There are playgrounds for children. The buildings are mostly low-rise, which creates a special comfort, but there are also multi-storey residential complexes.

The area was named Motor, because it houses a racetrack where international-level races are held. When there are no major events, everyone can practice at the racetrack. They also teach driving here. The circuit is also used for the needs of professionals working in the automotive industry.

Motor City has a well-developed urban transport network: there are buses and metro, and a convenient location near the main Sheikh Zayed highway allows you to travel by private transport or taxi. Nearby are the beaches of JBR, the multicultural entertainment park, Mall of the Emirates, as well as the Miracle Garden flower garden.

The cost of residential facilities is significantly lower than in elite locations: the average cost of apartments is 230-250 thousand dollars. New facilities are no longer being built here, purchase and sale transactions take place only on the secondary market.

Jumeirah Village Circle

Another community designed for lovers of calm, comfortable and secluded everyday life. It belongs to the closed category: entry is allowed only for residents, which ensures peace and quiet.

The location has a non-standard radial layout: a small square is located in the center, and part of the streets radiate from it. The other part connects the rays, and only from above can you see that they are circles of different diameters.

The Village Circle is a low–rise residential area consisting entirely of villas and townhouses with swimming pools and small house gardens. It is great for staying with a family. It has kindergartens, schools, medical clinics, shops, pharmacies, fitness complexes. However, there is no public transport here, movement is possible only by private cars.

The construction and landscaping of the community has not yet been completed, some of the plots are still empty. But when all the work is completed, the prices of the objects will rise. So far, the average cost of the facility is the same as in Motor City.

Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City)

MBR City

This is a new major project, the creation of which is ongoing. Its area is 108 square kilometers, and the number of residential facilities is close to 264 thousand. MBR City is traversed by a highway connecting it to both airports. The construction of an artificial reservoir (a crystal lagoon with a 14-kilometer embankment), the Meydan microdistrict and a race track is almost completed.

The MBR City project was conceived as a «city within a city», the development of which will go in 4 main directions: family tourism, art galleries, retail, as well as business development and innovation. The territory has:

  • golf club;
  • motorcycle racing club;
  • Meydan One Mall Shopping Center;
  • two international schools with a British education program;
  • entertainment park;
  • green areas.

MBR is conveniently located in relation to the central parts of Dubai and the main attractions. The metro line has not been brought up yet, but buses are running.

Construction work continues, which causes a lot of noise and discomfort. However, the cost of real estate is not so great yet. The minimum price of a studio is about $ 200,000, a small apartment with 1 or 2 bedrooms is twice as much. However, after the completion of the project, real estate will become more expensive.

MBR City consists of two microdistricts that have their own unique face, but still are not independent administrative units. These are Hills Estate and Meydan City.

Hills Estate 

Hills Estate claims to be the most environmentally friendly area. This is a real green oasis, located almost in the heart of technopolis, an impressive part of the territory is occupied by parks and gardens.

The project consists of villas, townhouses, low-rise houses and residential areas located on an area equal to 200 football fields. Buildings are a separate kind of art, surprising anyone with their beauty and harmony.

The community is very popular among families with young children, as there are:

  • four schools;
  • an extensive park with playgrounds;
  • volleyball court;
  • tennis court;
  • skate park;
  • bike paths;
  • swimming pools;
  • landscaped recreation areas with hammocks.

It is also suitable for young professionals who lead a busy business life, but prefer to relax and get distracted from their daily routine in the bosom of nature.

In 2022, the construction of the Dubai Hills Mall, which became the largest shopping mall in the emirate, was completed.

The nearest beach, JBR Beach, is just a 16-minute drive away. It will take about the same amount of time to get to the beaches of the Marina or the central areas. You can get there by using private vehicles, as well as by bus or metro.

The pride of the project is the 18–hole golf course, which in 2019 was recognized as the best in the world. Another attraction is Dubai Hills Park. This is the largest park that exists in any community.

The construction of the project is in the final stage. Investors still have the opportunity to buy apartments or townhouses at a lower price for an average of 500-700 thousand dollars.

Meydan City

Meydan City

This is a space for wealthy people who lead a refined lifestyle, appreciate luxury and first-class amenities. The target audience is top–level entrepreneurs looking for an exclusive place to stay.

The iconic place of Meydan City is the Meydan Racecourse. The length of the running track is 2.5 kilometers, and the stands can accommodate 60,000 spectators at the same time. The main world equestrian competitions are held here.

There is a championship golf club and an 18-hole golf course nearby. Meydan Avenue is also located here – a hub of shops, cafes, restaurants with a variety of gastronomy, exhibition grounds, where entertainment shows are constantly held. This creates a dynamic festive atmosphere.

The main task of architecture is to create luxury, elegance and sophistication. There are different types of housing: from small apartments to luxury villas of 2-3 floors. The architecture of the buildings takes into account the environmental principles of construction and operation, the location is equipped with a waste management system, which enhances its attractiveness among investors.

Meydan offers a good combination of opportunities for a luxurious lifestyle and outdoor activities. This is an elite community, drowning in luxury and all kinds of delights. The price of a one–bedroom apartment starts from half a million dollars and can reach $ 2 million, a villa or a townhouse – from $ 10 million.


It is a developing residential community offering peace and privacy. Its buildings are small and medium–rise apartment buildings, designed and decorated in a modern style. They harmoniously fit into the landscaped landscape, effectively complementing it.

Arjan offers comfortable, stylish accommodation and an ecological environment, appreciated by couples with children, as well as people who prefer the advantages of country life in the city. Arjan is actively gardening: the construction of a new residential facility begins with the breakdown of a plot for a square or park, and landscaping of a pedestrian route is also being thought out.

Arjan is an unfinished location. There are already supermarkets, shops, gyms and other social amenities here, but there are no kindergartens and medical clinics yet. This is not a problem, since such institutions exist in neighboring communities, which can be reached in 5-10 minutes by bus or car. But there are international schools, one of them, Nord Anglia International, is included in the list of the best schools in the emirate according to the Ministry of Education.

Demand for apartments is high: while the project is not fully completed, their prices are low – $ 200-300 thousand.

Damac Hills – two neighborhoods around golf courses

Damac Hills

Damag Hills and Damak Hills 2 are far from the coast, it takes at least half an hour to get to them by car. But the purpose of organizing these neighboring neighborhoods is to attract tourists and residents who are fond of golf. These are quiet communities with two extensive golf courses in the center of each, where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the city in nature and engage in elite sports. By the way, both fields belong to the American Donald Trump.

There are no skyscrapers here, residential areas are built up with low apartment buildings. The interior decoration and decoration are distinguished by comfort and aesthetics. In addition to golf courses, Damascus Hills has:

  • swimming pools;
  • football field;
  • a fitness club.

The social infrastructure includes:

  • school;
  • hospitals;
  • supermarkets.

A remote location that forces you to spend a lot of time traveling to work or to a shopping mall is an unfavorable factor. However, this is offset by affordable housing prices: $ 1,200 per square meter. A high-speed railway is being built nearby, which will connect Dubai with Abu Dhabi. Therefore, in the future, the attractiveness of the community, and with it the interest from investors, will only grow.

Creek Harbour

It is located on the banks of the Dubai Canal between the historical and modern city centers. It is known for its modern architecture, stunning panoramas, and proximity to key attractions. Creek Harbour is a self–sufficient microdistrict covering more than 500 hectares and featuring picturesque embankments, walking paths, and convenient road connections. The main highways smoothly connect this developing location with the neighboring ones. A yacht club and a marina are located on the shore.

The developers have tried to organize a comfortable living space for families with children. There is:

  • nurseries and kindergartens;
  • sports grounds;
  • swimming pools;
  • park areas.

LCD are high–rise towers with apartments of different sizes, but always stunning panoramas from the windows. Solar energy is used everywhere, as well as a special water filtration system.

Creek Harbour is a community claiming the status of a new symbol of the city. The project has not been completed yet, so the price of the property is relatively low – starting from $ 200,000, but it tends to increase.



In the east of Dubai, the territory bordering Sharjah is occupied by Deira, the historical core around which the modern metropolis has formed. Historical sights, museums are concentrated here, there are entire ancient neighborhoods whose buildings have preserved the architecture of the past centuries, as well as traditional oriental bazaars.

Deira has a well-developed social and transport infrastructure. Schools and kindergartens, medical clinics are located on its territory. This is the only place where there is a Russian international school.
Deira is particularly attractive for low housing prices, but so far it belongs to the zones closed to foreign investment. However, this obstacle is likely to be lifted soon. Projects have already begun to be implemented in Deira, in which foreigners can buy construction sites, ready-made villas or apartments. This trend will rank Deira among the areas of Dubai where it will be easier for local residents to sell their properties to expats or investors.

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