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New types of visas for Dubai and the UAE – a detailed analysis

New types of visas for Dubai and the UAE – a detailed analysis

On the first day of autumn, updates related to the conditions for granting existing visas came into force in the UAE, as well as new types of them began to operate. The visa reform was announced back in April. The innovations will allow travelers, students, employees, freelancers to stay in the country in a simplified manner without invitations and stay in the territory for 60 days instead of 30. And if there is a five-year multivisa, this period is extended for another month, i.e. up to 90 days. At the same time, both two- and three-month visas can be extended for a similar period. This article is a detailed overview of the new types of visas for Dubai.

Updated rules for Gold Visa

“Golden Visa” is a residence permit in the UAE for 10 years. It is given to investors, businessmen, gifted people in the field of IT, science, culture, sports, medicine. An important innovation that simplifies the movement of holders of a 10-year Gold visa was the abolition of restrictions on the time spent abroad.

For real estate buyers

Prior to the entry into force of the updated rules for obtaining a “Golden Visa”, the applicant had to invest at least 10 million AED in real estate. At the same time, it was impossible to buy objects whose construction had not yet begun, or to attract loans for the purchase. According to the updated rules:

  • the lower investment threshold has been reduced by 5 times to 2 million dirhams;
  • it is allowed to attract credit funds from local banks;
  • the restriction on the purchase of real estate at the design stage has been lifted, provided that the developer has government approval.
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For entrepreneurs

Now a foreigner can buy a startup registered in any of the emirates or become its partner. The startup must be registered as a small or medium-sized business and bring an annual income of at least 1 million dirhams. To purchase, you need to get permission from a business incubator or the Ministry of Economy.

For specialists

Жители ОАЭ

The UAE continues to “hunt” for talented specialists. Everyone who has achievements or has proven promising in any of the fields of science, production, medicine, sports, business, law, management, etc. falls into this category. For such people, conditions for moving and comfortable stay in the country are being created and constantly adjusted in the direction of mitigation. To apply for a ten-year Gold visa can now:

  • talented candidates from any field of economics, science or production, corresponding to the I or II professional level according to the classification of the Ministry of Labor Resources, who have signed an employment contract with a local employer, have an education from the bachelor’s degree and above, a monthly salary of at least 30 thousand. AED per month;
  • scientists, researchers, inventors who already have merits in their field and recommended by the UAE Council of Scientists, holders of doctoral degrees in biology, technology, engineering and working in leading universities of the world;
  • candidates who are popularly called “nuggets”, i.e. they may not have a specialized education, a scientific degree, the right level of salary, etc., but have exceptional talent, for example, in invention, sports, creativity, any direction of culture.

The latter category of candidates will need the approval or recommendation of a state authority.

For students and schoolchildren

The children of foreigners who received the highest scores at the end of local educational institutions (schools, universities), as well as the most successful graduates of the first hundred universities in the world will now be granted a ten-year residence permit.

For relatives

Here, too, there were breaks:

  • the age of male children who fall under the parental Gold visa has increased from 18 to 25 years, and for female children the age restrictions have been completely lifted;
  • family members have the right to stay in the Emirates until the expiration of the residence permit in the event of the death of the main applicant;
  • when moving with your family, you can take any number of assistants and servants.

New types of residence permit

A laptop

Talented foreigners, including freelancers and entrepreneurs with their families, according to the new rules, will receive a simplified 5-year residence permit, which is also called green residence (“green residence”). Moreover, after 5 years they will be able to stay in the country for six months.

For freelancers and self-employed persons without a sponsor

Previously, this category of economic agents could only count on a 2-year residence permit, which, if there was an employer or sponsor, could easily be extended. Now its terms have increased to 5 years, and the presence of an inviting party will no longer be required. The applicant must have:

  • bachelor’s degree;
  • permission from the Ministry of Human Resources;
  • annual income for the previous 24 months is not less than 360 thousand dirhams.

For the founders of the company or its participants

The “Green Residence” will also replace the two-year permit that was in effect earlier. For this category of entrepreneurs, an investment approval and a work permit from government agencies will be required. When issuing a residence permit, the authorities will take into account the total capital invested in local business. This is important for those who have multiple work licenses.

For qualified specialists

To obtain a green residence, the applicant must:

  • have a bachelor’s degree;
  • meet the I, II or III professional level on the scale of the Ministry of Labor Resources;
  • conclude an employment agreement with a local employer;
  • have an income above 15 thousand. AED per month.

New entry visas


The main innovations:

  • the duration of a standard visa has been doubled from 30 to 60 days, while it can be extended for a similar period;
  • cancellation of the requirement for the presence of a sponsor or host party.

For job search

The visa is introduced for those who would like to live and work in the Emirates. It will allow you to stay in the country for enough time to study the labor market, search for a suitable place of work. Graduates of the 100 best universities in the world – holders of a bachelor’s degree, as well as specialists with experience with a similar (or higher) level of education and corresponding professional gradations of the Ministry of Labor Resources can apply for a permit.

Business entry visa

It was introduced as an incentive measure for businessmen who would like to personally come to the Arab Emirates and explore the market, partnership opportunities.

Five-year tourist multivisa

This is an additional measure stimulating tourism, increases the duration of stay in the UAE up to 90 consecutive days or 180 in total per year. 90–day permit can be extended, but only once a year. The condition for granting an entry permit is the financial viability of the applicant. He must present an extract from the bank about the presence on the deposit of the amount of 4 thousand dollars or the equivalent in any currency for 6 months prior to the time of filing the application.

For visiting relatives or friends

Now, to visit loved ones, it is enough to apply for an entry permit and buy a ticket. There are no additional requirements.

For temporary work

Some applicants are hired by local organizations with a probationary period, which does not guarantee the continuation of work. In other cases, specialists are invited to work on only one project. Such applicants do not need a long-term permit, but a temporary one. To get it, the migration service must provide a certificate of health (fitness for work), as well as a letter from the employer (or a temporary employment contract), where the purpose of the visit is indicated.

For short-term training

Another new type of visa in Dubai. Introduced to attract those who want to improve their skills. In all principalities, you can not only study in secondary schools or universities. There are many short-term courses, trainings, internships on a variety of topics. Such events are sponsored by the state, universities, licensed research centers, private owners.

To become a participant of the training program, you need to receive a letter from the organizers, which will describe the details of the course, its venue, duration. On the basis of such a letter, the applicant will be given an entry permit.

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